Pricing and Tariff

TPK Koja tariff for container handling is based on PT (Persero) Pelabuhan Indonesia. It’s decree
HK.56/2/25/PI.II-2002, HK.56/2/26/PI.II-2002, HK.56/4/15/PI.II-2005, HK.56/1/06/PI.II-2006, HK.56/3/2/PI.II-2008

Other references of the main tariff container handling such as :

  1. Loading / Unloading Services
    • Over 40 is counted 125% from basic tariff of 40 feet container
    • Empty Container is counted 75% from basic tariff of full container
  2. Storage Services
    1. Full import container
      1. 1st Period:
        • 1st day free time
        • 2nd day Counted 300% from basic tariff
        • 3th day Counted 600% from basic tariff
        • 4th day Up to the next counted 900% from basic tariff
    2. Full export container
      1. First day up to fifth day is counted 1 (one) day
      2. Sixth day up to tenth day is counted 200% from basic tariff
    3. Chassis (with cargo) is charged an additional cost subject to the type of container i.e: Full / Empty / Container (OH/OW/OL)


20 feet40 feet
1.FCL Container   
 a. With quay crane fullUSD 83.00USD 124.50per box
 b. With quay crane emptyUSD 62.25USD 93.37per box
 c. With vessel crane fullUSD 74.70USD 112.05per box
 c. With vessel crane emptyUSD 56.02USD 84.03per box
2.LCL Container   
 a. With quay craneUSD 156.51USD 234.76per box
 b. With vessel craneUSD 140.85USD 211.28per box
3.Transhipment Container   
 a. With quay craneUSD 56.00USD 84.00per box
 b. With vessel craneUSD 50.00USD 75.00per box
4.Container Shifting   
 a. With quay crane   
    – Without landing & reshipping operationUSD 34.00USD 51.00per box
    – With landing & shipping operationUSD 58.00USD 87.00per box
    – With landing & reshipping operation stack on CYUSD 72.50USD 108.75per box
 b. With vessel crane   
    – Without landing & reshipping operationUSD 26.00USD 39.00per box
    – With landing & shipping operationUSD 49.00USD 73.00per box
    – With landing & reshipping operation stack on CYUSD 61.25USD 91.25per box
5.Overheight / Overweight / Overlength Container   
 a. FCLUSD 300.00USD 450.00per box
 b. LCLUSD 374.00USD 560.00per box
 c. TranshipmentUSD 152.00USD 228.00per box
 d. Container’s Shifting, OH/OW/OL   
    – Without landing & reshipping operationUSD 152.00USD 228.00per box
    – With landing & shipping operationUSD 256.00USD 383.00per box
    – With landing & reshipping operation stack on CYUSD 320.00USD 478.75per box
6.Opening & Closing HatchUSD 54.00USD 54.00per hatch
Gross until 20 tonsGross > 20 until 35 tons
7.Uncontainerized Cargo   
 a. Uncontainerized Cargo   
    1. Unload from chassis/trailer or load to chassis/trailer from customer to chassis/trailerUSD 310.00USD 465.00per unit
    2. Shifting   
       – Without landing & reshipping operationUSD 310.00USD 465.00per unit
       – With landing & shipping operationUSD 462.00USD 693.00per unit
       – With landing & reshipping operation stack on CYUSD 577.00USD 866.25per unit
 b. TranshipmentUSD 186.00USD 279.00per unit
 c. Lift On / Lift OffIDR 605,000.00IDR 907,500.00per unit
 d. Storage for Uncontainerized CargoIDR 62,900.00IDR 125,800.00per unit per day
20 feet40 feet
8.Container Storage Tariff   
 a. EmptyIDR 13,600.00IDR 27,200.00box/day
 b. FullIDR 27,200.00IDR 54,400.00box/day
 c. OH/OW/OLIDR 62,900.00IDR 125,800.00box/day
 d. ReeferIDR 62,900.00IDR 125,800.00box/day
 e. Chassis (without cargo)IDR 26,600.00IDR 53,200.00box/day
 f. Chassis (with cargo)IDR 26,600.00IDR 53,200.00box/day
  Subject to surcharge
for a, b or c
9.Extra Movement   
 a. Without supporting deviceIDR 370,000.00IDR 526,000.00per box
 b. With supporting device (sling)IDR 470,000.00IDR 626,000.00per box
10.Loading Concellation   
 a. FullIDR 480,300.00IDR 685,400.00per box
 b. EmptyIDR 240,100.00IDR 342,700.00per box
 c. OH/OW/OLIDR 1,444,500.00IDR 2,167,300.00per box
11.Lift On/Lift Off   
 a. FullIDR 187,500.00IDR 281,300.00per box
 b. EmptyIDR 93,700.00IDR 140,600.00per box
 c. Container Over-height / Width / lengthIDR 605,000.00IDR 907,500.00per box
12.Reefer Service   
 a. RecoolingIDR 200,000.00IDR 300,000.00per box/8 hours
 b. MonitoringIDR 60,000.00IDR 90,000.00per box/8 hours
13.Custom Inspection (behandle)   
 a. FullIDR 1,015,000.00IDR 1,390,200.00per box
 b. Hi co scan x-ray without physical inspectionIDR 435,000.00IDR 622,600.00per box
 c. Hi co scan x-ray with physical inspectionIDR 1,450,000.00IDR 2,012,800.00per box

Inter terminal transfer of Containers between TPK KOJA – JICT

20 feet40 feet
14.Transfer of Container (Inter – Terminal TPK KOJA – JICT I)   
 a. FullIDR 523,000.00IDR 710,600.00per box
 b. EmptyIDR 392,250.00IDR 532,950.00per box
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